Fan Turns ON and/OR OFF by Itself

This can cause your fan to become ineffective and could be worse when a fan does not turn on at all since the wiring of the fan requires replacing.

There are a few factors that can contribute to this issue. You have to see the below steps to find out the problem:

  1. The remote frequency needs to be changed: Most of the time, remote control are programmed on a standard frequency when they are from the same brand so if anyone near you has the same brand of fan, they can control your fan and you can also control their fan.
  2. Go through your manual, find it online, or contact the manufacturer of the fan on specific instructions that are related to changing the frequency on your fan. If this process is not working, continue.
  3. Check your circuit breaker: You need to inspect your circuit breaker too in order to locate the problems.
  4. Check for frayed wiring: Frayed wiring inside the housing of the fan is responsible for the fan to turn on and off by itself. Open up the fan housing to inspect it and check all of the wires/wire connections to ensure they are snug and all of the wires are in good shape. If there are any problems, the wire connections should be fixed and the frayed wires should be secured via electrical tape, or cut and reconnected.

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