Hampton Bay ceiling fans do not last forever unfortunately. When your fan breaks there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have a warranty or service plan? If your fan is still under warranty or you have a service plan you can just take it into or send it to the place you bought it from and they should fix it or send you a new fan.
  2. Can you get the part you need? The following parts can be bought at Home Depot or Amazon:

If you can’t get it repaired under warranty or service plan and can’t find the part on the Home Depot website, then you need to call the company that produces Hampton Bay ceiling fans directly at 855-434-2678 and they will send you the replacement parts as you need them. You can find the list of Hampton Bay ceiling fan parts and company contact information by finding your manual on our manual page. Then locate the “Replacement Parts” section or find your fan on our site and click on its manual and go to the corresponding “Replacement Parts” page.

hampton bay parts diagram