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Largest Source of Harbor Breeze Manuals

Harbor Breeze fans are produced and sold by Lowe’s and may also be available on Amazon.com. Unfortunately, most information for older fans is no longer available, including the user manuals! We’ve complied the largest list of Harbor Breeze manuals on the internet in an effort to help our users find the user manual they need. Check out the list here

Top Guides

Fan remote isn't working

Fan remotes exist to make operating a ceiling fan more flexible and easier; so it can be super annoying to operate a ceiling fan that was made to work with a remote, without the remote. Find out how to fix an existing remote or how to replace or add a remote for your fan.

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broken pull chain switch

Often times the pull chain on your fan is the only way you can control the various speeds and light settings of your fan, so it makes it hard to use a fan without a pull chain.The only real solution to issues with your pull chain is just to replace the pull chain itself. Pull chains are built into the fan, so in order to replace one you have to take the fan apart.

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